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Choose Your Favorite
Choose Your Favourite

Choose your favourite meals and order online or by phone. It's easy to customise your order.

We Deliver Your Meals
We Deliver Your Meals

We prepare and deliver your meals to arrive at your door, ready for you to eat or freeze.

Eat and Enjoy
Eat and Enjoy

No shopping, no cooking, no counting and no cleaning. Enjoy your healthy meals with your family.

Makes a Busy Lifestyle Easier…

I have been using Fresh Prep for over 2 years now and highly recommend it.
As a nurse, I work shifts with unpredictable meal times, making it very difficult to maintain a healthy eating plan. I survived on toast and vending machine snacks . I now eat a healthy balanced meal at work and fresh prep snacks, all I have to do is heat and eat.
The initial reason I started Fresh Prep’s meal delivery service was to improve at Crossfit. I attend Crossfit usually 5 days a week alongside other sports and felt my training had plateaued. After advice, eventually realised you really can’t out train a bad diet and changed to Fresh Prep. I noticed improvements very quickly and I have not looked back.
I use their free delivery service for my meals and can always buy extra meals from their shop if needed, usually if wanting to ‘make’ a healthy dinner for my family!
I’m still working my way through their menu but I love the chicken burger, pulled chicken and halloumi fries.
Fresh Prep just makes a busy lifestyle easier.
Lisa, Chesterfield

Phoebe Goodwin

Fresh prep food has been the best food prep company I have worked with so far. The food tastes amazing and is always so FRESH! It has a very wide range of protein and carbohydrates sources ranging from different seasonings to choose from.

The service is second to none and not only are you a customer to them, but a friend too.

I used fresh prep throughout my bodybuilding competition season and as-well as delivering 3 times a week, they accommodated my macro specific diet with very last minute diet changes.

Overall I would rate fresh prep A* and would recommend this service to all types of clientele.

Personal Fitness Coach, PCA Official Worlds 4th place2018 toned figure, NABBA Universe

Nathan Styles

I have used fresh prep for well over 6 months now. Which after using 3 meal prep Companies before for less time due to inconsistent quality. I cant speak highly enough of the team! The freshness, taste, and all around service has been fantastic.

The amount of meals I eat a day and busy lifestyle makes it difficult for me to prep the amount of meals and stay on track. Graham has made things affordable, easy, He listens to my needs and does exactly what I ask for with my meals!

I can’t thank him enough and looking forward to a big 2019 and fresh fresh prep helping me achieve what I want! I feel like it’s a friendship now not just a service.

Physique Coach, PCA Midlands class 1 winner, JP Novice Champion, NABBA Novice MR ENGLAND, UK BEEF Athlete of the year 2017